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SIKORA produces 500th CENTERVIEW 8010

477″ />SIKORA employees have all reason for celebrating: Since the start of production 10 years ago, they have manufactured the 500th CENTERVIEW 8000 for product diameters up to 10 mm in June 2011. “Every CENTERVIEW 8000 that leaves our company is an example for top quality. Our employees produce the

devices as if they were their own”, emphasizes Peter Früchtenicht, Manager of Operations at SIKORA.

Since the market debut in 2000 CENTERVIEW 8000 is used worldwide in numerous insulating lines. Thanks to innovative technology the system is specifically suitable for quality control of data cables, but also automotive and installation wires. The system supports the operator of an extrusion line to center the conductor in the insulation, to control concentricity and thus to provide measuring results that allow for controlling the outer diameter or the wall thickness of the cable to the nominal value.

The model range combines an inductive-optical measuring principle, which determines the insulation wall thickness and the eccentricity. The inductive measuring system additionally positions the measuring head automatically relative to the position of the conductor so that the cable is always the middle of the measuring field.

With the model upgrading in 2007 the CENTERVIEW got a technological fine tuning with even more future-oriented innovations. The 8-point-presentation of eccentricity and ovality as well as the measurement of the diameter and the wall thickness at 4 points ensures highest accuracy and a stable process control.

Furthermore, in combination with the processor system ECOCONTROL 2000 CENTERVIEW 8000 offers the unique cloud diagram as an additional way of presenting the measured values of the ongoing measurement. With the help of the cloud diagram the distribution of short-term variations of the eccentricity as well is graphically displayed.


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