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Make in India since 2005

M&C is having lead market share in India in OFC machine manufacturing market and now increasing base to international market

Machine & controls (M&C) is a pioneer in optical cable machine manufacturing in India with a broad customer base since 2005. It has supplied machines to all optical fiber cable manufacturers in India and has been supplying constantly to the Middle East also. M&C has been a leader in OFC Buffering, SZ and Sheathing line since a decade and has supplied more than 40 lines all together for OFC manufacturing to various Cable manufacturers.

Machine & controls (M&C) is formed by four engineers – a combination of electrical, electronic and Mechanical engineers – and is situated in Navi-Mumbai.

The company has in-house R&D department managed by highly qualified and experienced design engineers team supported with modern infrastructure which includes 3D machine designing Centre. It has a team of dedicated engineers to provide after-sales service support. Machine & Controls is in the unique position to offer both production lines and product know-how for the Optical fiber cable manufacturing industry. It has also the expertise to upgrade old manufacturing lines using innovative means to enhance production capacities.

Recent Developments

Machine & Controls is committed to develop optical fiber machines based on recent market requirement and to increase productivity in Optical fiber cable market. It uses a judicious mix of European and Indian components to deliver performance at par with European lines.

High speed buffering line is developed to meet present production situation and meet different type of present market cable requirement up to line speed of 500 MPM. Machine & controls also developed and supplied FTTH and Drop Cable machines for optical cable manufacturing.

Machine & controls has developed high speed SZ stranding line with a line speed of 100 MPM. The machine is upgraded for better lay uniformity, high speed at lower lay and Rotor RPM is SZ bench is upgraded up-to 1800 RPM; Now, this machine is suitable for high productivity and better quality Product.

Moreover, Machine & controls developed and supplied Successfully Steel tape Armouring set-up and Aramid / Glass yarn applicator for OF Cable. And, it has recently developed FRP manufacturing line with UV curing process to meet better quality of FRP and productivity; it has developed and supplied 4 to 8 FRP winders in one machine with European power supply for UV lamp.

To sum up, Machine & controls have the solution to problems in the OF cable manufacturing, which includes not only supplying of OFC machines, but also provide technical know-how to produce OF cables. Machine & controls believe in Solutions rather than Machines.

Its product range includes buffering line, S-Z stranding line, sheathing line, rewinding line for loose tube, rewinding line for finished cable, mechanical test equipments For OFC, FTTH lines for OF cable, drop cable machines for OF cable, steel tape corrugators for OFC, aramid/glass yarn server For OFC, UV line for FRP manufacturing, high speed insulation line for control and data cable, and single twisting cabling machine.


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