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SARVASV Indigenous Excellence, Global Presence

Over three decades of involvement with export market has not only made SARVASV a leading machinery exporter, but also a machinery maker at par with international quality standards

SARVASV, over a period of time, has become an acknowledged maker and supplier of wire and cable related machineries. With a large export volume, the company commands a hugely diversified portfolio for the machinery needs of the wire and cable industry. Stranding machines, extrusion lines, armoring machines, anti-torsion machines, and other wire and cable machinery including a wide range of ancillary equipments constitute SARVASV’s portfolio. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies at its Bhiwadi unit, this company has been experimenting a lot to come up with efficient tool and technology for manufacturing wire and cable with much ease and lesser cost.

Wire & Cable India recently interviewed Mr. Vinod Kapoor, Managing Director, Sarvasv Machinery & Equipments Private Limited where he detailed us about company’s focus, developments, and his views about the Indian wire and cable industry. Excerpts:

Wire & Cable India: Brief us about your journey since 1984 to becoming one of the leading machinery suppliers to the wire and cable industry?

Vinod Kapoor: SARVASV was started in 1984 as a proprietorship firm with one employee only. The focus from the beginning was exports. The founder of SARVASV Mr. Vinod Kapoor had a chance meeting with an African electrical contractor, who was interested in starting a small cable factory in Nigeria. SARVASV helped him find some good manufacturers of wire and cable machines. Soon a contract was signed, establishing SARVASV as a merchant exporter of wire and cable machine and so the JOURNEY began.

After successful commissioning of the first plant, there was no looking back. During those years, India was unknown as a good source of wire and cable machines and the India manufacturers neither had the knowledge, nor the means for exports. SARVASV became a reliable link between the two. A solid foundation was laid for the export of Indian wire and cable machines. SARVASV with its hard work, good service and commitment became a trustworthy partner of the manufacturers and the foreign entrepreneurs. SARVASV helped many Indian manufacturers improve quality to match International standards and facilitated direct exports.

Indian wire and cable machines were now internationally accepted and appreciated. To cater to the ever increasing demand of more machines and repeated coaxing from many of the foreign clients, SARVASV started its own manufacturing Unit.

SARVASV Manufacturing facility at Bhiwadi (Raj.) is an ISO 9001 certified and well equipped with latest technology to manufacturer internationally acceptable quality. A work force of about 100 persons is striving hard to become part of the best in the world. The JOURNEY continues……

WCI: Your product portfolio seems to be quite extensive. What are the products which are used more comprehensively by the industry?

VK: SARVASV specializes in rotating machines and our key focus has been towards the development of high speed rotating machines like skip strander, high speed double twist bunchers, stranding machines and armouring machines. We although keep on adding new innovative products and we have recently introduced a dual automatic spooler for rod break down machine

WCI: As a machine supplier and maker, can you tell us about the major bottlenecks as complained by the industry in stranding, armouring and extrusion which you try to address when designing machines?

VK: The key challenge faced by the industry is high productivity at lowest manpower cost. Automation is the call of the hour and we try to design our machines to reduce downtime of the machines and increased use of automation to reduce manpower.

WCI: Tell us about your facilities and infrastructure including the technology used by you in making your products.

VK: SARVASV has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spread across 12000 Sqm in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. We have a mix of imported and Indian machines and keep upgrading our mother machinery. We have a 3D design centre for machine designing and mix of CNC/NC machines for high accuracy and productivity. We have built capacity to suit faster delivery of our machines and reduce machinery manufacturing lead time in all phases starting from fabrication till final painting and packing.

WCI: What is the ratio of domestic vs. overseas supply for SARVASV? What are your major exporting destinations?

VK: Overseas sales still contribute around 60 percent to our turnover, although over the last few years domestic share has been increasing steadily. We have more than 15 countries, where we have our machines and projects.

WCI: Any new development on product and process sides?

VK: SARVASV is always committed towards offering new products and design. Other than the customization, which we provide to our clients, we keep developing new products. Our latest additions have been High Speed Double Twist Buncher Machine and Dual Automatic Dual Spooler for RBD.

WCI: As a long standing supply to the wire and cable industry, your take on the present and future of the wire and cable industry?

VK: We are quite bullish on the future of the wire and cable Industry in medium term. On the machines business, even when most companies may say there is over capacity, but still we have a good order booking specially for High Speed Production Lines. Cable manufacturers are upgrading and installing new high speed lines and replacing the old technology with new products. There is always a good market for machines which can offer a better solution to cable manufacturers by reducing their processing time and reducing manpower costs.


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