Cable & Wire Fair 2015 Newsletters

SPIRKA SCHNELLFLECHTER GMBH: Braider and Winders for Medium Heavy and Heavy Cables

The increasing demand for cables with bigger diameters for infrastructure projects, shipyard cables, offshore cables, mining cables, etc. is also making greater demands for braiders suitable for bigger cable diameters and cross-sections.

SPIRKA SCHNELLFLECHTER GMBH offers a comprehensive product portfolio of 24, 32 and 36 carrier braiding machines in vertical and horizontal applications as well as for needed combination machines like taping units, payoff and take-up for reels up to 2500 mm flange dia.

These braiding machines have a application range for cables up to 65 mm and steel and copper wires up to 0.4 mm dia and are also suitable for high tensile steel wires and thread tension up to 120 N.

One of most sold machine is the so called medium heavy braider type DRATEX 2450 for cables upto 45 mm diameter and copper and steel wires up to 0.4 mm diameter.

The DRATEX 2450 is ideally suited for high speed production in short and medium run lengths. It also provides the flexibility to move easily from wire applications to textile applications for both cables and hoses.

This braider can handle spools with a maximum flange diameter of 110 mm with a capacity of 780 cm3.

Spirka Schnellflechter offers for combination with DRATEX 2450 numerous payoffs and take-ups as well as winding lines for these diameters of wires, i.e. the winder W 8-910 in combination with tailor-made driven payoffs.