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AEI Machines: The Name Synonymous with Rigid Stranders

The company’s main focus is to incorporate Rigid Stranders with latest techno-logies to overcome manufacturing challenges and improve process efficiencies.

October 26, 2016

Established in 1971 by Mr. L. S. Jain, Chairman, AEI Machines has been manufacturing various types of rotating cable machines for the stranding, screening, armoring and laying-up of power cables and overhead conductors since its inception. Over the years, the company has become totally focused on the development and perfection of each aspect of the Rigid Strander, producing machines that epitomize the process of cable making and uplift the productivity benchmarks and working standards in the cable factory.

AEI’s strength lies in the total understanding of customer requirements and offering suitable products ranging from the largest stranders in the world (128 Bobbins Rigid Stranding Machine for 500 kV cables) to the most productive ones. These machines are suitable for the production of up to 127 wires stranded conductor (70 mm2 – 3000 mm2 in round / Milliken construction) for low, medium and extra high voltage (EHV) power cables. It includes highly compacted round conductor (by dies / rolls), pre-spiralled / straight sector / Milliken conductor, ACSR/AAAC/AAC overhead conductor, pre-shaped wire (TW) & HTLS overhead conductor, laying-up of control cables, copper screening of power cables, and steel wire / strip armoring.

AEI Machines undergo continuous evaluation resulting in machines that are powerful and updated with the latest technological features such as higher speeds, fully automatic floor / trolley loading devices, electronic shaft synchronization (including during power failure), individual wire break detectors, auto regulated pneumatic bobbin brakes, motorized pintles, and remote diagnostics over telecom link. Moreover, AEI’s unique use of perfectly balanced fork type cage rotor construction ensures superior energy efficiency. Users of AEI Machines can expect smart machines that require minimal maintenance and deliver decades of trouble free operation.

“As the market for quality cables has grown, so too has the demand for high performance machines. Our main focus has been the development of Rigid Stranders incorporating the latest technologies to overcome manufacturing challenges and improving process efficiencies. Our approach has been fruitful given the reputation and the demand we enjoy today from cable manufacturers all over the world,” said Alok Jain, Executive Director, AEI Ltd.


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