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Machino Techniks Develops Automated Tension Control System Based on IIOT

The automated tension control system addresses the problems of high tension in double twist machines.

Since its inception in 1994, Machino Techniks have established themselves as manufacturers of high-quality wire and cable machinery at affordable prices. The company is now trying to expand its clientele base along with the range of products. In order to enhance the efficiency of manufacturing machines, it has developed the automated tension control / indication systems. These systems are based on developments in wireless technology (IIoT) and can be easily integrated in the existing equipment without calling for major modifications.

The tension control during the manufacturing process of conductors plays vital role in maintaining the quality. Excessive tension either in pay-offs or take-ups often lead to the stretching or breakage of the conductors, resulting in increase of resistance. It also exerts excessive loads on the flyers and faster wear-out of guide pulleys. Lesser tension on the conductor leads into entanglement of wires at diverting guide pulleys and bird caging.

The pay-off tension can be measured by hand held electronic tension indicators and the tension can be set by adjusting the dancer cylinder pressure. The tension in take-up can be displayed on control desk by using load cells on the wire path inside the cradle. The winding tension can be adjusted according to the requirement once the actual value is known. And the tension at the capstan can be monitored and corrective actions can be taken during the process. Knowing and correction during the process eliminates the post-mortem carried out after quality checks of the conductor for high resistance. This helps in reducing the scrap and better up keep of the machine.


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