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SIKORA Spark Tester with Removable Self-test Module

SIKORA spark testers are tested with regard to the accuracy of the supplied high-voltage, the short circuit current, and function (sensitivity) to ensure that it complies with European standards.

September 10, 2016

The SIKORA spark tester SPARK 6030 HF offers (optionally) a 3-step self-test and calibration system including the SIKORA App for mobile monitoring and analysis of the measuring results. As each test probe has to be calibrated, the testing module has to be controlled regularly as well. To support this process, SIKORA developed the module of the SPARK 6030 HF further. New is the easy to change module that combines all testing functions and which can easily be exchanged from an additional opening in the housing of the SPARK 6030 HF.

Calibration of the module

In order to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standards, SIKORA recommends yearly calibration of the spark tester by simply exchanging the test module. Due to the fact that all functions are directly mounted at the module, the complete module is exchanged for calibration. Therefore, a submission of the complete device to SIKORA as well as the assignment of a service engineer is not necessary.

Safe operation

As for the previous version of the module, the sensitivity and short circuit current tests are generated. For the sensitivity test, 20 discharges are simulated in 20 seconds. All of these discharges have to be completely detected by the spark tester. For the short circuit current test, an error caused by the contact of a user and the bead chain electrode during the operation is simulated. Here, a defined value must not be exceeded in order to guarantee the safety of the user. The calibration module measures continuously the accuracy of the testing voltage. The standard for spark testers requests an accuracy of +/- 5%. The test is successful if this criterion is met.


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