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RR Kabel Presents CNBC-AWAAZ 11th Real Estate Awards

The award honors the professionals, who have envisioned and created marvels in the real estate industry.

4 April, 2017

CNBC-AWAAZ presented Real Estate Awards 2016-17. It is considered to be one of the most Prestigious Awards in Real Estate industry all over India. The elite awards identified and honored the professionals who have envisioned and created marvels in the real estate industry and have created a mark of India’s development on the map of the world. The award function was presided by the minister of road transport and highways of India- Mr. Nitin Gadkari.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Shreegopal Kabra, Managing Director, RR Global said, “This is the first time everyone in the panel has unanimously praised the Government of India. When an entrepreneur appreciates the administration, it means good times have arrived.”

Pointing to Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Mr. Kabra said, “Nitin ji, we have a lot of hope from you; the way you are working in the road sector is commendable. I remember once Promod Mahajan ji questioned ‘What was made first- America or its roads?’ By that he meant to tell us, for building a city, roads are constructed first. We are sure, under your management, numerous roads will be constructed and a new India will take form. For those living in cities, living has become back-breaking. You have built many bridges and contributed a lot in the Mumbai city, but still everyone who is living in the city has to forego the productive time because of travelling from home to office and vice versa. I request the Government to keep this productivity and commercial loss into consideration.”

Mr. Kabra also pointed out the need for the increase in the budget of parking. He stated, “We are in the business of cable and parking. In the planning of smart cities, the overall budget is huge but lacks a proper amount of investment in the parking sector. If we need ease of living in a smart city, the percentage of expenditure in parking should be increased. Another thing which I would like to add is that the Government and media, both should give the deserving respect to the developers because only these people will be able to provide places of residence as the Government has its limitation.”

The construction sector accounts for nearly 7-8% of India’s GDP and remains a key growth segment in the economy. Now with the changing economic scenario and policy environment, the real estate market is ready to get onto a new growth path. It is perhaps the only sector that carries on its shoulders the weight of all other sectors and it is the nerve center of the growth pulsating through them. Whether it’s commercial or business or retail, whether it’s residential or societal, the real estate industry has singularly led the new dawn for India. To boost this building enthusiasm, and reward the excellent performances, CNBC-AWAAZ, presented Real Estate Awards 2016-17 presented by RR Kabel.

The focus of the awards remained on efficient project management and measurable customer satisfaction. The awards evaluated not only the financial performance of a firm but also projects that delivered on the standards of quality, customer satisfaction, and efficiency.

This year the award completed 11 years of presenting India’s one of the most promising real estate stars. And in this very special year, CNBC AWAAZ distributed a set of awards that celebrated the contribution of a selected set of institutions and individuals; those have raised the bar, pushed the triple bottom line philosophy and brought global glory to India. These institutions and individuals of the real estate industry took center stage at the 11th edition of India’s biggest and most definitive awards for real estate.

“It has been an achievement in itself for the award to continue for 11 long years, continuously and that too with the same partner. Every week, we do a show for the builders on CNBC AWAZ where we guide the builders and also try to solve consumers problem related to real estate,” added Mr. Kabra.

The Real Estate Awards celebrates team spirit by not just honoring high-performing builders but also architects and contractors who have delivered par excellence across the country. The winners are decided by an eminent jury.


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