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IDEAL Laser Coil Joining Technology

The story of success continues for the German based IDEAL-Werk for supplying Laser Welding machines to the steel industry.

After having secured a substantial number of machineorders in Asia, IDEAL recently successfully commissioneda machine at ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel Gelsenkirchen / Germany. Having done thoroughly studies TKES has decided for the IDEAL concept for Laser Cutting and Laser Welding based on the following key advantages:

The latest corn oriented steel grades require special attention to the strip edge preparation and in this respect the Laser Cutting has proven to guarantee the best performance. As a result one achieves in an un-welded butt joint a zero gap between the strip head and strip tail. Along with this a rather narrow heat affected zone can be managed, as the focal point when welding comes to onlyØ 0,2mm.The general problem of the extreme brittleness of these particular steel qualities after welding is being solved by an online, integrated post annealing system, which takes care of the recrystallization of the remaining heat affected zone.

The investment into the future as such, is being made under consideration of the challenging Si-steel qualities TKES is and will be facing.


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