A Range of Highly Efficient Tin Electro Plating Machines

Cab Device Industries is developing and suppling machines that are high in performance and production, user-friendly, easy to operate, durable, and reasonable in running cost.

With the assistance of efficient and highly skilled workforce, Cab Device Industries is developing and supplying an acclaimed collection of tin electroplating machines. Tinned copper wire is copper wire coated with a thin, electroplated layer of tin. This type of wire may be composed of a single tin-coated copper cable or many individually tinned strands of copper wire bound together.

The tinned copper is famous for its uses in marine technologies and is highly desirable for any marine electronics. Tinned wires are also desirable for soldering as they make connections and soldering an easy task given tin is a primary component in solder. The demand for the products is constantly increasing in rubber and solar cable segments.

The plant is mainly built of Poly-propylene (PP) plastic and is placed within a stainless steel frame with adjustable feet. All plants are custom, designed to be adapted to the required capacity, wire dimensions, speed and space available.

There are several benefits of the Tin Electro Plating Machines. The machines are high in performance and production, user-friendly, easy to operate, durable, and reasonable in running cost. Also, the efficient flow rinse system in several steps with thorough air wiping after the rinses guarantees low water consumption, low consumption of chemicals and a cheaper effluent treatment. This contributes to low maintenance costs and trouble-free operation.

The benefits of tin electroplating are scratch free and wear resistance wires, corrosion protection to a surface that otherwise lacks that property; increase in sheen and brightness in fused condition; excellent corrosion resistance, increase in current conductivity, and more than 65 percent saving of Tin as comparative from the hot-dip tin coating.

Cab Device is making two models – single wire tin electroplating and multi-wire tin electroplating plant. In single electroplating, the company can do electroplating on intermediate wire sizes. Further, they can redraw as per their requirement and accordingly, the tin coating will sustain. In multiwire electroplating, Cab Device will do plating on finished fine wires with the production of 4-5 TPD.

Cable Device is consistently on the move to come up with advanced solutions that will turn the wire and cable industry around. It strives to evolve the way the industry functions and continue its journey of pioneering wire & cable industry technologies. The founder of the company is Mr. M.L.Chhabra, who holds a considerable industry experience of more than 33 years in wire and cable industry.

Cab Device is manufacturing and supplying a wide range of cable and wire machinery in India and other countries like the USA, U.K., Gulf Countries, Bangladesh, Nepal, African Countries (South Africa, Botswana, Capetown, Nigeria, Nairobi, Egypt, Tanzania, Zambia, and Uganda) and many more.