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Use the Sun’s Power With Rosendahl

Murali Das, Sales Manager, Rosendahl Nextroom

There are many different possibilities to generate energy. However, as fossil fuels such as oil or gas are not available indefinitely and are becoming ever scarcer, renewable energies are becoming increasingly popular.

Solar energy offers many benefits to its users. Natural sunlight is available anytime and anywhere, consumption releases no climate-damaging emissions and energy can be generated where it is needed. Energy losses due to long-distance transmission are barely present in this form of energy production. It’s no wonder, then, that the global expansion of solar fields has steadily been increasing in recent years and is still growing.

Technologies and systems that will make the use of solar energy better, cheaper and easier are constantly under further development.

Rosendahl is also investing in the improvement of production lines for the production of solar cables. In particular, the processing of new materials and more efficient manufacturing processes must be constantly adapted to the current market requirements. Thus, the two most common methods – electronic beam and Sioplas – ensure that the chemical and mechanical resistance of solar cables stand up to the utmost demands in order to meet the requirements of the current standards and test methods EN 50618: 2014 or TÜV2Pfg1169 / 08.07.

The decades of experience and know-how in Rosendahl production lines allow:

  • Thinner walls on solar cables
  • Higher production speeds
  • Easy operation, as it is only one extruder group
  • Lower investment costs
  • Shorter line length
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