Ajex & Turner Launches Concentric Extrusion Tips and Dies

The Company offers extrusion tips and dies in various shapes and sizes depending on the requirements of the clients.

December 30, 2019

Concentric Extrusion Tips and Dies.

Ajex & Turner extrusion tips and dies are excellent choice to use in the manufacturing of power cables, control cables, telemetering systems, telecommunications, optical fiber, speaker cables etc.

The company also manufactures extrusion tips and dies in various shapes and sizes. The products are made with very high quality, rust-free steel with tested ideal OD & ID concentricity. The tightly maintained concentricity allows wire insulators to meet the demands of today’s super thin wall constructions. These tools are made in alloy steel, carbide and diamond as per customer’s requirement.

Ajex & Turner adopts thermal treatment procedures to make all types of extrusion toolings applicable to all type of machineries.