NTT Plans MIST Submarine Cable to Connect India, Singapore and Myanmar

The Company is also known for operating large-scale data centers in Singapore, Myanmar and India.

December 17, 2019

NTT Ltd. also plans to centrally maintain and operate all the landing stations.

Global technology and services provider NTT Ltd. is planning to lay a new submarine cable connecting Myanmar and India.

The MIST cable system, as it will be called, will have a total length of 11,000km, connecting Singapore, a major Asian hub, Myanmar and India, and will include capacity for future expansion. The investment is worth around $400 million. The announcement comes at a time of what is described as ‘surging demand’ for global internet links.

According to Japanese press reports, the cable will be designed to support 240Tbps with 400 Gbps optical wavelength-division multiplex transmission, capable of transmitting a six-hour high-definition video in one second.

NTT Ltd’s current offerings, through cable systems such as Asia Submarine cable Express (ASE), Asia Pacific Gateway (APG), Pacific Crossing -1(PC-1) and JUPITER cables (under construction), provide global connectivity from Asia to the United States. The MIST cable system, along with these existing offerings, will allow NTT Ltd to grow its offering and expand into India and beyond.

It plans to connect the MIST cable landing stations directly to each data centre through large-capacity fibre which it will own, build and operate.

As for the timing of the project, NTT points out that the Asian region has experienced accelerated digital investment driven by data centre growth, the proliferation of mobile, 5G services and business expansion of digital platforms, contributing, in turn, to a growth in data traffic across submarine cables.