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Economical Horizontal Test Beds: Chant Engineering

Chant Engineering Co. Inc. introduces a new affordable series of testing machinery and remote service options.

Chant Engineering Co. Inc. is a global engineering company that designs, manufactures, services and calibrates testing machines, systems, and related accessories for worldwide industrial and military customers. Chant offers a wide range of testing products and is the largest test bed manufacturer in the world.

Our testing machines are used to tension test or proof test, wire rope, fiber rope, chain, lifting slings and other types of lifting gear. Chant machines are extremely heavy-duty and are field proven to withstand many years of rugged, real world industrial and military rigging testing.

New eco series horizontal test beds

Chant introduces a new line of high-quality, but affordable testing machinery for its international customers the ECO Series. ECO Series is available in 100MT through 500 MT test machines. With the new ECO Series machines, we price the base machine and all the features are optional, so the customer only spends what he needs to spend. The end result being a very economical machine tailored to the end user’s specific require­ments. For example, if the customer doesn’t need a floor on the machine, they don’t have to get a floor or if they only need a machine for one testing range, they only have to buy a machine with one testing range.

Remote service exclu­sively offered by Chant

Chant is excited to offer a brand new remote support service to all Chant worldwide customers. This service is exclusive to Chant and allows us to remotely dial into using the Team Viewer application your machine for a diagnostic look and to provide very cost effec­tive technical support, customer service and training. Remote service allows us to help custom­ers quickly evaluate issues as they arise and helps save customers lost production time and saves money on unnecessary travel costs.

Standard Features:
  • Tensile testing of wire rope, slings, chain, etc.
  • Low cost, heavy duty efficient design
  • Touchscreen operator controls
  • Chant DataTEST© software for test certificates
  • Electronic load cells for high accuracy +/- 1%
Optional Features:
  • Additional frame sections
  • Low Load cylinder assembly
  • Longer pulling cylinder stroke length
  • Hydraulic operator safety guard
  • On-site installation assistance & start-up / training
  • On-site ASTM-E4 calibration (ISO 17025 Accredited*)
  • Specimen elongation measurement
  • Slow speed cycle testing
  • Wire rope grips Capstans
  • Remote Operator Control
  • Oil Cooler
  • Steel Floor