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Rosendahl Installs New RH-W Test Line for HV and EHV Cable Production

RH-W is Rosendahl’s metal-forming and welding line for high-voltage and extra-high-voltage cables (HV / EHV).

May 18, 2020

Major improvements have been undertaken regarding the welding unit and system parameters over recent months. And now it is ready to be experienced live. With a total length of 42 meters, the RH-W test line can now be viewed in Pischelsdorf at their special-purpose Technology Center. It is ready for trainings, further developments and of course for customer visits to Pischelsdorf. As business travel is currently restricted due to the corona crisis, the line will remain installed until at least the end of 2020.

RH-W is set up for HV cables with a metal tube diameter up to 200mm

What exactly does the RH-W metal tape-forming and welding line do?

In short, it includes a non-stop inline process for forming and welding an HV / EHV cable with a corrugated or smooth profile, including the monitoring of all system parameters. Rosendahl recently bought assets from Weber&Scher, the market leader in the field of metal-tape forming and welding. It was extremely important to integrate the best available technological solution into their RH-W line. This test line is the first one with their united expertise.

The term ‘non-stop’ refers to welding. The welding electrodes alternate, if necessary. While one is welding, the other can be exchanged or maintained. Continuous production is crucial for an efficient production flow and this enhancement has elevated the manufacturing process to a new productivity level. The line does not have to be stopped and production continues without waiting.

Which cable diameter is the line able to process?

It sheathes HV and EHV cables with a welding tube diameter of up to 200 mm. The production of such a cable is very demanding, since the cable is, on the one hand, large and heavy and, on the other hand, has to meet certain requirements, such as a high resistance to lateral pressure, which is achieved by corrugation. Copper, aluminum and stainless-steel tapes are preferably used for the metal sheath.

To whom is this line of interest?

Basically, for every cable manufacturer who produces high or extra-high-voltage cables and wishes to get the key processes (forming, welding and extrusion) from one source. This contributes to all the line processes being perfectly coordinated and optimized. Rosendahl’s test line does not include the final extrusion process due to the space limitations at their Technology Center.

The line can be seen and tested until the end of 2020.

Rosendahl’s RH-W metal tape forming and welding test line is ready to be seen

Technical Facts:

  • Product type: Sheathing HV / EHV cables with a metal layer
  • Materials: Copper, aluminum and stainless steel
  • Welding tube diameter: 50-200 mm
  • Welding speeds: Up to 15 m / min
  • Line length: Around 42 m
  • Integrated Processes: Tape handling and conditioning, metal-tape forming, welding, compacting, corrugating
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