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LS Cable & System Launches High-Purity Audio Cables

The company has upgraded the OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) cable that was previously produced under the LG Cable brand in the early 2000’s.

June 16, 2020

LS Cable & System
The high-purity speaker cables and power cables launched by LS Cable & System

Roe-hyun Myung, President & CEO, LS Cable & System has announced the launch of high-end audio cables, the Priority Series.

LS Cable & System decided to upgrade an OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) cable that was previously produced under the LG Cable brand in the early 2000’s and re-introduce it as a new product line. This is the only made-in-Korea OFC audio cable available in the domestic market.

The Priority Series uses 99.99% or better high-purity copper in the cable conductor to increase the sound conductivity and minimize noise. As a small amount of oxygen and impurities in copper can cause a large amount of distortion and noise, the ability to purify copper 99.99% or better is regarded as the yardstick for technology in the industry.

LS C&S uses advanced copper processing technology to improve quality and decided to price the cables about 10~20% lower than the OFC cables imported from Europe, the US and Japan. In particular, these products are expected to be popular among broadcasting stations, theaters, sound studios and audiophiles.

“Consumers asked a lot of questions about the OFC cables,” said the company. “As a result, LS C&S, regarded as a traditional manufacturer, launched consumer products for the first time in years. This will help us publicize the brand among general consumers.”

The Priority Series includes nine types of cables in total including silver-plated premium products, six types of speaker cables (Sound Priority) and three types of power cables (Power Priority). They can be purchased from online shopping malls and exclusive distributors.