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ADVARIS: Optimizing All the Aspects of Wire and Cable Production

The company provides a unique combination of highly developed IT systems and well-founded knowledge ascribed to a longstanding experience in the development and supply of software that are used for quality control in the cable and wire industry.

Mohammad Karamatulla, Regional Managing Director, ADVARIS Software Solutions

ADVARIS is a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software tailored to fit manufacturers of wire, cable, rope, steel cord, and many more length based industries. The ADVARIS modules for Product Data Management, Manufacturing Execution (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) guarantee smooth integration and the optimisation of processes for companies in the cable industry which are not able to exploit their potential with conventional ERP systems.

ADVARIS Cable – The ADVARIS Cable Solution is the most comprehensive, fully-integrated operations management system for wire and cable manufacturers. It supports and optimizes all aspects of wire & cable production – product data management, manufacturing execution, warehouse management, logistics and plant maintenance all from one source, perfectly customized and coordinated.

Outlining on the quality control and testing system by the company, Mr. Mohammad Karamatulla, Regional Managing Director, ADVARIS, says “No quality control process is complete without comprehensive testing procedures. However, quality control in manufacturing can be a little tricky. Often, it is done at the end of the production process, thus, only catching defects after the fact. That is the reason we educate our customers to implement an efficient QC module.

Within the ‘ADVARIS QC Test Plan system, C2 manages the QC test plans for the incoming goods inspection, in-process control (self-inspection) and final inspection of the finished products. Advaris has very strong Comprehensive algorithms & flow charts to check all kinds of tests based on different global standards. The test and inspection characteristics are compiled with the systematic use of framework test plans and an extensive catalogue of standard test features. The formula editor makes the connection to the required design values. Manual input and updating of the design values is unnecessary. This ensures that the test plan is up-to-date at all times, even in case of design changes.”

ADVARIS automates the test equipment to read and capture data to avoid manual inputs. On the subject of the sense of efficiency and organized structure of the system, he further explains “We do maintain complete documentation with different reports & quality bulletin. Standard and customized test reports at different level (delivery note, invoice etc.) can be produced and archived for long. The system maintains the complete history and tracking of testing results along with inspection team details. We offer a special service to our clients who want to modernize their entire factory in respect to quality control. The integrated software allows various evaluations of the processes and sends alert messages through its internal workflow system.”

ADVARIS has been successful over the past decades in the development and supply of software that is used for quality control today and its development can be attributed to a very close association with our clients and future requirement.

Adducing the number of benefits of the QC system of ADVARIS, he affirms that “When customers implement ADVARIS QC system, they realize that it helps them in improving the quality of their cable products with respect to various quality standards of the industry. Also, being integrated with NCR system, it helps in maintaining complaints of customer and the suppliers. We have been able to gain repeat business and loyalty and new customers from referrals on account of improved safety, a reduction in the liability risks and costs, which further contributes to strengthen overall positive branding of our client’s products. We ensure to institute an effective utilisation of resources in the factory and reduction in inspection costs which further gets reflected in the increased goodwill and sales.”