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Maillefer’s New Taping Technology in Cable Solutions

The new longitudinal taping technology from Maillefer for aluminum, polyester, woven, non-woven and water swellable tapes is a smart way to excel in cable quality and to boost sheathing productivity.

April 8, 2021

Maillefer’s longitudinal taping technology

Maillefer’s new technology provides water blocking and mechanical protection for a variety of cable constructions, including high-voltage, fiber optic, and more. Tape application is a vital part of the sheathing process and must be guaranteed fully functional within a production line.

The Longitudinal Tape Forming allows the manufacturers to increase the capacity for cable sheathing and longitudinal tape forming.

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The cable manufacturing is smoother and more reliable with reduced risk of scrap production. The solution is single sourced and packaged with know-how about the forming tools put at your disposal.


  • Online efficient and reliable longitudinal taping process
  • Possibility to use variety of tape materials
  • Functions with a variety of applications (e.g. high voltage, low voltage and fiber optics)
  • Packaged with know-how about tape forming process and tools