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“Basically, regarding the cost-aspect of the fire-safe cables, it should be noted that these cables are low voltage cable but with additional fire barriers. Hence, it is not at all that expensive.”

Cable Application Standards in India

Gloster Cables Limited
Mr. Vinay Rathi, Director,
Gloster Cables Limited

In India, there are own standards in fire-safe cables or technically speaking, the cables with limited circuit integrity when affected by fire. However, somehow, it was not a popular standard for this application, probably because the cables were primarily a rubber cable. More often than not, we comply with the British Standards for the construction and as well as for testing. Since the past couple of years, International Copper Association (India) has been actively pushing to introduce a new standard in the fire-safe cable market which has narrowed down the gap with the international standards. Therefore, there is no gap existing now as of now. This aforesaid standard has already taken a draft form and is likely to get introduced as a standard in the near future

Fire-Safe Cables by the Company and the Manufacturing Capabilities

Gloster Cables manufactures a wide range of the fire-safe or cables with limited integrity in accordance with various international construction standards as well as testing standards.

We offer these types of cables with both Copper and Aluminium conductor, although as per the available standards copper conductor is only specified for use. We have achieved a certain degree of expertise in using Aluminium conductors and thus, we are able to offer flame temperature more than the melting point of Aluminium.

Market-Potential of Fire-Safe Cables in India

The market for the fire-safe cables is gradually picking up and the market-potential of the same is quite huge. The fire-resistant cable market is growing at a CAGR of 4.4% and is further expected to reach the market size of USD 719 million by the year 2027 globally. In terms of individual markets, the Middle East and Africa are expected to unveil a 5.1% faster CAGR from 2020 to 2027. The Asia-Pacific was the largest regional market with a share of 31.6% in 2019 and is expected to continue to lead in the forecast period. China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Australia are the leading buyers of fire-resistant cables due to the growing demand for fire-safety in commercial and residential buildings. As far as India is concerned, it is growing at a CAGR of 15%.

These cables are very important in fire-fighting, since it ensures that the power supply is maintained for sufficient duration, to help people who are stuck in buildings in a fire-accident situation, to see exit signs, hear Public address systems, ensure that the water pumps, smoke extractors, stairwell pressurization systems keep working, eventually helping the people to escape from the affected building.

Cost-Effectiveness of Fire-Safe Cables

Basically, regarding the cost-aspect of the fire-safe cables, it should be noted that these cables are low voltage cable but with additional fire barriers. Hence, it is not at all that expensive. In any case, as the famous quote goes, “Safety is not expensive. It is Priceless.”

Efforts Undertaken to Educate the Consumers

In all of our technical seminars conducted for the customers, we do make it a point to educate our customers on these special cables. Further, we are also working towards creating awareness amongst different government departments through both – online as well as offline meetings.

Government’s Focus and Efforts to Raise Awareness

The third edition of the National Building code 2016 has a specific chapter (No 4) devoted to Fire and Life Safety including the recent developments in construction projects in the country. In addition, FSAI (Fire & Security Association of India) also makes efforts in educating people on a regular basis through various forums on the need for fire safety and security.

Presuming that you wish to decrease the quantity of fire occurrences in the nation, there is Fire Safety Audit which is held all through India and the review work is given over to outsider, learned organizations. It bodes well to have yearly fire security examinations in all the spaces. Most importantly, the achievement of the fire insurance and fire assurance relies to a great extent upon viable participation from every one of its workers. It should be kept in mind that anticipation is always superior to fix.

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