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“Havells India has always been a thought-leader in espousing the cause of electrical safety… We have constantly provided training to electricians and channel partners to promote safety and the importance of fire-safe cables.”

Cable Application Standards in India

Mr. Arvind Agrawal, Vice President,
Havells India

In India, BIS is prevalent with respect to standardizations, whereas globally different standards – BS, IEC etc. are followed. The BIS standard as a combination of many global standards, is being followed while manufacturing the cables whether be it the technical parameters or the mechanical parameters. It ensures that all the precautions and specifications are met while manufacturing. The cables and the manufacturing facilities are regularly audited and tested by BIS.

The factor in India which needs to be improved is the correct product for correct application. The other important parameter is proper termination of all the electrical circuits. As a layman, one might not understand all the technical details of the electrical system, and it’s essential to trust the experienced professional for wiring, rewiring and maintenance work.

Havells has always been committed to provide the consumers with the best, safe and advanced technology with a wide range of wires and cables. Our strategy has always been to improve the product-value and fulfil the highest expectations by bringing best-in-class quality and services. In India, people are still evolving in terms of usage of correct electrical products especially cables for the required application but we have witnessed a positive trend in the last ten years wherein specifiers and consultants are being used even for small residential projects. Havells has been continuously driving the initiative to educate the customers on the use of good quality & requisite products for the right application.

We, at Havells, have our own NABL accredited research and testing labs, where we carry out testing and are involved in continuous development. The high degree of backward integration helps us to maintain the standard quality of product.

Fire-Safe Cables by the Company and the Manufacturing Capabilities

Havells offers the best-in-class products that address the changing needs of consumers and industrial applications. Havells’ wires and cable portfolio includes – fire-safe cables such as HRFR (Heat Resistant Flame-Retardant cables), FRLS-H (Flame retardant low smoke and halogen), HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardant), FR (Flame retardant). There has been a paradigm shift from wiring that contains normal PVC insulation towards alternative FRLS-H, Halogen free flame retardant (HFFR) compounds, driven largely by environmental issues and safety concerns.

Havells is amongst the first few industry leaders to get the BIS license and certification to manufacture the HFFR cables. We, at Havells, regard the consumer’s safety as the utmost priority. Keeping this in mind, we are promoting the usage of HFFR insulated wires since they do not emit hazardous gases, and clear smoke. The low intensity visible white smoke is more effective during fire outbreaks since it reduces the amount and density of the smoke, which makes exiting a space easier for occupants as well as increases the safety of firefighting operations during any fire accident.

Market-Potential of Fire-Safe Cables in India

The fire-resistant, and the flame-retardant cable market in India is encouragingly active. India is considered to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This growth brings in significant changes in the country’s infrastructure with more advanced vertical building concepts and newer technologies. All this evolving infrastructure and technological growth is powered by electricity, and as a result, the quality of wire and cables becomes very important.

Communities all around the world including – governments, industrial, and professional organizations have come up with policies and initiatives restricting the use of PVC cables. We are seeing that FRLS demand has increased over FR range, and in future, we foresee an increase in demand for HFFR as BIS has approved HFFR insulated cables.

Cognizant of the fact that wires and cables are the ‘veins and arteries’ of the buildings – architects, consultants, and real estate builders need to take note of the safer and sustainable options such as HFFR cables.

Cost-Effectiveness of Fire-Safe Cables

The wires and cables are very essential parts of an electrical installation circuit to safeguard from any short circuit, and fire-accidents. At Havells, we enforce strict quality and certification norms with all of our product range.

But for the past one year, the prices of raw materials used to manufacture cables, including mainly copper and PVC, are at record high and the price-trends have been increasing continuously. This has impacted the production plan as it is difficult to predict the demand in wake of the rising costs.

The best possible manner to manage the challenges are an effective supply chain management and better logistics. With our goal of ‘zero quality cost’ and ‘zero failures’, we have strengthened our capacity for quality, and we consider the customer trust as our highest value.

The other factor is having the best-in-class machinery which can help avoid waste and ensure that the products are cost effective and superior in quality.

Efforts Undertaken to Educate the Consumers

Havells India has always been a thought-leader in espousing the cause of electrical safety and we have taken various steps to reinforce the need for the same. We have constantly provided training to electricians and channel partners to promote safety and the importance of fire-safe cables. Now, we are also creating awareness along with consultants and influencers to incorporate fire-safe cables in their specifications and projects. In addition, we are continuously educating and working at widespread consumer interaction through RWA/IWA(s) etc., where our technical personnel explain the advantages of using the right quality protective equipment, for the safety of both – their equipment and their precious lives.

Government’s Focus and Efforts to Raise Awareness

New appliances, gizmos and gadgets are increasing the load on the electrical infrastructure installed when the buildings were constructed. A discernible lack of upgradation of their capacity leads to fire accidents due to the overload or short circuit. As per statistics available on fire accidents in buildings, 40% of these accidents are attributed to electrical issues. With urbanization set to expand and embrace wider areas and more people in its fold, the issues of safety and efficiency need to be addressed both in old buildings as well as in upcoming housing enclaves.

The Government of India has been making all kinds of efforts to move the wire and cable industry into the positive node both in terms of – production as well as in raising the awareness to only use good quality products. The Government has accorded high importance to electrical-safety, by putting stringent standards and policies in place. However, there is still a noticeable gap in the implementation of these standards in terms of poor industry practices, an improper or weak installation design, using undersized and inferior quality of wires and electrical equipment. These gaps exist primarily due to the lack of understanding and education on safety regulation.

Electricity is everywhere and it affects every aspect of our lives. Thus, an awareness of electrical hazards is vital to reduce the staggering number of electrical fires, injuries, and deaths that occur every year. By understanding the key electrical safety principles and adhering to safe practices, many electrocutions and home fires can be prevented. Havells India has always promoted the use of trusted quality and right size wiring for safer homes and workplaces through consumer and industry awareness of the issues and the risks.

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