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Ajex & Turner Launches Lubricants under Brand Name Masterlube

These lubricants are suitable for both high-speed plain/tinned wire drawing applications and slow-speed in-line drawing-coating applications.

Masterlube Lubricants

With 58 years of experience in the wire & cable industry, Ajex & Turner has ventured into lubricants by the name Masterlube lubricants. Just within 10 years, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality lubricants and metalworking fluids.

Designed for the highest lubrication and surface quality, the Masterlube lubricant range is the first choice for the most demanding processes. The highest possible lubrication results improved die, and capstan life, a minimum of residues for excellent further processing, low foam formation, high cleaning capacity and extended sump life are just some of the characteristics of Masterlube lubricants. Some of the benefits of Masterlube lubricant for Aluminium A5 are:

  • Optimum viscosity provides excellent cooling properties and superior flushing of aluminium debris from die throats, etc.
  • Masterlube lubricity additive system provides outstanding wear protection for dies/capstans and excellent wire surface quality.
  • Excellent bright anneal characteristics ensure superior finished wire cleanliness.
  • The inclusion of powerful anti-oxidants provides outstanding thermal stability giving extended lubricant life.
  • Suitability for drawing a wide cross-section of pure aluminium and aluminium alloys.

Performance benefits of Masterlube lubricant for Copper CT-21 are:

  • Suitable for both high-speed plain/tinned wire drawing applications and slow-speed in-line drawing-coating applications.
  • Exceptional thermal stability minimises oxidative degradation of the lubricant and offers extended lubricant life.
  • Produces a super clean and uniform wire surface finish with zero residuals for enamelled wires.
  • Excellent tolerance to build-up of copper fines, copper in solution and tramp oil contamination.
  • The emulsion has a microparticle size which reduces drag out/top-up rates and enables sophisticated filtration of the emulsion.
  • Outstanding wear protection on all commonly used materials including hardened steel, tungsten carbide, ceramics, natural and synthetic diamond.
  • Masterlube range of products are running successfully in Niehoff, Samp, Tomer and Andhra Machines, etc. for more than 5 years.