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The Future Will Be Made of Copper

Copper is going to play a pivotal role as we step into the future driven by Industry 4.0 and Advanced Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, VR, and Drones.

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Mr. Puneet Khurana, Deputy CEO, Sterlite Copper

Technology innovation and digitalization are rapidly impacting every sphere of our lives. We are looking at a future with highly intelligent, information-driven processes which will enable us to achieve a quantum leap in performance while also improving our quality of life. The grand vision of a ‘Digital India’ is to transform the country into a digitally empowered society.

Embarking on a transformational journey

Since its inception, Sterlite Copper has steadily grown to become one of India’s leading copper producers and is serving India’s demand for refined copper by catering to more than 500 downstream industries. Up till 2018, India was a net exporter of copper, and post the Tuticorin smelter shutdown, it has become a net importer. Sterlite Copper’s plan was to increase the copper production in India by another 4 LTPA* to produce 8 LTPA of metal in the country and make it ‘Atmanirbhar’ for the next ten years.

Our team is dedicated to working toward restarting our smelter at Tuticorin, one of India’s largest smelters. We have undergone a transformational journey at Silvassa. We plan to fully utilize our Cathode Production capacity of 2.16 LTPA and Rod Production Capacity of 2.58 LTPA and ramp up our production to serve our customers.

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Transforming Digitally

Copper is going to play a pivotal role as we step into the future driven by Industry 4.0 and Advanced Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, VR and Drones. As we step towards a digital future, we must leverage the emerging technologies and contribute to nation building, by ensuring self-sufficiency and sustained capabilities of copper production in the country.

To get a quantum leap on our digital transformation journey, we, at Sterlite Copper, have embarked on a journey of Digital Transformation and are in the process of incorporating the latest digital tools to be more efficient and effective.

Our latest E-Commerce Platform, Metal Bazaar will act as a one-stop digital solution for our customers, allowing them to seamlessly navigate through an end-to-end online buying experience. Through our vision of “Digital Sterlite”, we are committed to creating enhanced value for all our stakeholders while ensuring world-class quality and customer delights.

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A sustainable and self-sufficient India driven by green technologies

While Digital Revolution and Industry 4.0 unlock a world of endless possibilities, the onset of global warming has become a challenge for industries across the world. This has morphed into action in the form of transition to cleaner energy systems. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set the ball rolling by announcing that India plans to go carbon neutral by 2070.

A shift in mobility and power generation appears to be at the fulcrum of India’s clean energy transition. The average Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) requires 83 kg of copper while a conventional vehicle consumed only 23 kg of copper. In clearer terms, India’s transition to clean energy will be a copper-intensive transition. Commodity forecaster, Wood Mackenzie has pegged India’s copper demand to increase from 1 million tons per annum to 2.1 million metric tons per annum by 2030.

As the world accelerates towards cutting-edge technologies and clean energy, we, at Sterlite Copper, are exploring advanced digital technology to reduce our fuel and power consumption and also working on renewable energy segment to position copper as the metal of the future. Through our vision of “Green Copper”, we remain committed towards preserving the environment and promoting responsible production. In our quest for ESG leadership, we are implementing good green practices like switching to 100 percent clean fuels, adoption of sustainable Resilex packaging, and looking for new avenues to lower our overall carbon footprint, allowing us to truly manifest the spirit of a self-sufficient and green India. 

*LTPA – Lakh Ton Per Annum

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