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Heetu Chemicals & Alkalies: Striving to Keep Pace with Innovations

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Mr. Vivek Shah, Director, Heetu Chemicals & Alkalies Ltd.

Maharashtra-based Heetu Chemicals & Alkalies is one of the leading chemical distribution companies in the country. Focussing on a diverse range of additives and allied products, the Company strives to augment its portfolio and extend its market reach. Mr. Vivek Shah, Director, Heetu Chemicals & Alkalies Ltd., talks about the diverse product range, the key strengths, and future roadmap, in an exclusive conversation with Wire & Cable India magazine.

Heetu Chemicals & Alkalies Ltd. has evolved as one of the leading chemical distribution companies in India. Operating since 1990, the Company has developed some core strengths in the chemical distribution segment in its more than three decades of business journey.

Talking about some significant milestones and key strengths of the business, Mr. Vivek Shah says, “Our Company has an uncompromising attitude towards ethical business practices, high quality, and timely deliveries of chemicals we sell. Additionally, we provide consultancy services to multinational chemical companies in the field of market identification & business development in India and overseas. Furthermore, we take immense pride in our sturdy clientele base in the domestic and export markets.”

Expansive Product Range
As regards the product offerings for the wire and cable industry, Mr. Shah states, “We house a wide range of products and services. In the ‘Chemicals’ segment, Heetu Chemicals & Alkalies offers products like chlorinated paraffin wax (CPW), masterbatches, silica/silicates, metallic stearates, foaming agents, PVC heat stabilizers, and plastic lubricants.”

Within the ‘technology & equipment’ segment, he says, “the Company presents cross-linking of PE (Polyethylene) using UV technology; crosslinked MV using UV; crosslinked LV using UV; crosslinked HFFR using UV; anti-rodent & anti-termite masterbatches; and fire-retardant masterbatches.”

USP of Products and Services
Regarding the major strengths of the products and solutions, he asserts, “We provide a basket of products as well as services which are fundamentally developed and designed with the aim to improve products and productivity. We are constantly striving towards bringing such new-age products and technology with the aim to enable our clients benefit from improved product capability, improved product quality, and enhanced productivity.”
Mr. Shah further affirms that these products are cost-efficient, enabling the end-users in reduction of the overall production and operational costs. As a matter of fact, these products are sustainable as they are designed to reduce the carbon footprint of the users.

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Future Outlook
Talking about the future plans, he informs, “We are striving to keep on expanding our presence and market reach in newer geographies. Additionally, we would also plan to expand our product range in line with our vision to developing and bringing cutting-edge products and innovations. We shall continue to present a wide bouquet of offerings to the wire and cable sector with path breaking technologies.”

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