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LAPP India: Aiming to Increase its Local Manufacturing

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Mr. Gary Bateman, Managing Director, LAPP India

LAPP India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Germany-based LAPP started its operations in India in 1996. LAPP India is a leader in cable and connection technology and it provides power & control cables, data communication cables for ethernet and fieldbus technology, optical transmission systems, industrial connectors, glands, conduits, cable markers, tools, and accessories. In the past year, the Company has launched two new service points in India. With diligent focus towards innovations, the Company is investing in R&D for its Indian customers, aiming to increase its local manufacturing. In conversation with Wire & Cable India magazine, Mr. Gary Bateman, Managing Director, LAPP India, talks about new innovations, strategies for extending their market reach, and major trends in the wire & cable industry.

New innovations and recent developments
Earlier this year, we launched our latest product ETHERLINE® GUARD in key markets globally, including India. The latest addition to LAPP’s extensive industrial communication portfolio, ETHERLINE® GUARD is a stationary monitoring device that continuously monitors an Ethernet cable, detects a decline in performance and displays it with the cable status. Leveraging the power of preventive maintenance, this compact and easy-to-install device has proved to be essential in preventing potential system failures due to cable wear and tear and unplanned downtimes. Since our inception till date, innovation remains one of our key guiding principles. LAPP is constantly working towards identifying industry challenges and designing new products and solutions to tackle them.

Apart from ETHERLINE® GUARD, we have also recently launched the symmetrical PUR motor cable ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD zeroCM with an innovative cable design. It is particularly suitable for use in drag chains and impresses with increased electromagnetic compatibility and simplified cable connection. We have also expanded our PROFINET range with the new ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC PN PVC connection cable for supplying power to PROFINET components. Our ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC portfolio has been complemented by single-core, halogen-free cables for building wiring and new cable gland accessories from the SKINDICHT® lead-free series.

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In terms of capacity expansion, we have launched two new service points in India during the past year – in Pune, Maharashtra, and Baroda, Gujarat. Currently, LAPP has four service points and warehouses in India. By 2027, we are looking to triple our service points in the market.

LAPP’s operations are centered on innovation. Along with constant engagement with our customers, we are also increasing our presence geographically to be closer to our customers. We encourage our teams to think creatively and collaborate to develop innovative products and solutions. We have established a dedicated R&D team in India to develop products to meet the local market requirements. We also inaugurated our third Center of Excellence (CoE) at the Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) in Bhopal, with the aim of partnering with young minds to innovate.

Our innovations and developments are not just limited to our products. Our new corporate office inaugurated this year at IBC Knowledge Park, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru is a uniquely designed modern workspace which incorporates the hybrid model of working. The office space is designed to fuel creativity and enable increased communication between departments, which we believe is the key to encouraging innovation and growth.

Market expansion plans for 2023
We target to become an INR 1700 crore company by 2027. Our growth strategy for the company in the coming years will be based on two major pillars – business growth and understanding customer requirements. We will be focusing our efforts on specific customer groups and exploring the avenue of opportunities offered by joint ventures. In 2023, we aim to continue setting industry benchmarks with our leading innovations and dedication to quality and unparalleled service. We will target our efforts on increasing retail presence and increasing the number of service points and warehouses across the country. Harnessing solutions for the e-mobility sector will also be a key focus area in the coming year. ÖLFLEX® CONNECT and Industrial Communication will continue to remain major business priorities in LAPP’s journey as a one-stop solutions provider for all cable and connectivity requirements.
We are heavily investing in R&D for our Indian customers, and we aim to increase manufacturing products locally – to continue providing products of global quality standards with local relevance.

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Defining trends driving growth & demand in the year ahead
With Industry 4.0 and digitalisation increasing the load on machine networks, the network technology should be as functionally reliable and powerful as possible, with permanent network stability. Taking into consideration the increasing size and complexity of machine networks, the correct design and real-time monitoring of the network and the downstream evaluation of diagnostic data becomes a key focus for LAPP. Manufacturers including LAPP will also channel efforts towards integrating Industry 4.0 concepts such as smart supply chains into their operations and developing high-speed connectivity solutions. We are also targeting to pilot smart factories in different locations of LAPP.

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India is currently LAPP’s second largest market, performing with double-digit growth and strengthening across various industries and applications. We are focusing on expanding our reach through various touch points across India and scaling up our local manufacturing capacity to meet the growing business demands. While we already have a strong presence in textiles, machine tools, automotive, railway, infrastructure, and mining sectors; we’re looking at adding more segments to our portfolio, such as EVs and pharmaceuticals.

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