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APAR Industries’ 6-Decades of Service in Supporting an Aatmanirbhar Bharat

In line with the vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat, APAR Industries is recognised for developing, innovating, and manufacturing many first-in-India solutions.  The Company has grown to become the world’s largest aluminium and alloy conductor manufacturer, the 3rd largest transformer oil manufacturer with the widest range of speciality & renewable cables. September 3,......

Vedanta: Growing Usage of Aluminium in the Auto Industry bolsters Sustainability and Safety

Vedanta Aluminium, India’s largest producer of Aluminium, offers a range of products such as billets, ingots, wire rods, rolled products, slabs, and more. August 5, 2022 Vedanta Aluminium, India’s largest producer of aluminium, makes a case for ‘green’ aluminium at the recently held national webinar by the Automotive Component Manufacturers......

When you deliver real value and know-how, price is not the fundamental thing, rather how much the customer can save and produce, thus getting a very fast ROI

Michelagelo Mantovani & Nagesh Siddapoor Venkatesh SAMP S.p.A., a company of the Maccaferri Industrial Group, started its operations in the year 1936 for the steel industry and then slowly diversified into other segments. The company is now made up of three business units: Samputensili, which produces gear manufacturing machines and......
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