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Continuus-Properzi CCR Lines – Premium Quality Copper Rod

The brilliant mind of Ilario Properzi invented the Continuous Copper Rod manufacturing system back in the 1960s. Suddenly, the existing and consolidated wire-bar rolling mills became obsolete while other companies strived to copy and replicate this original, successful idea. However, the reliability and the performance of the Properzi CCR lines......

“The company is one of the few lubricants suppliers globally, that can provide the lubrication products and technical expertise, from the copper rod manufacture, right through the process to the final drawn wire.”

As a 115-Year-old global lubricant supplier, RichardsApex manufactures world class lubricants for both wire drawing and hot rolling applications. Its products include – semi-synthetic and synthetic lubrication compounds for wet drawing of non-ferrous (copper, aluminum, brass etc.) and ferrous wire. In addition, the protective coatings, cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, and oil......
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