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Continuus-Properzi: Eyeing India to Set Up Production Line

Continuus-Properzi S.p.A. is a globally renowned engineering company that has developed and accumulated worldwide experience and relevant know-how regarding complete ETP or FRHC Lines, from furnaces to coilers, for the copper rod and wire industry. Continuus-Properzi invented the methodology and process of casting and rolling non-ferrous rods in the 1940s.......
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Significant Contribution by Continuus-Properzi to Reduce Carbon Footprint in Copper Sector: Cu Green Wire and Properzi Cu Refining Technology

Continuus-Properzi has made major contributions in reducing the carbon emissions in the copper value chain with recycled and green copper through the Properzi Refining Technology. Copper (Cu), with its unique properties, is central to economic growth, quality of life, and sustainability. However, the base-metal producing sector, as well as the......
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