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Sai Extrumech Starts Production of Lab Extruders

The newly developed lab extruders by Sai Extrumech have been exported to several countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Italy, Dominican Republic, Israel, etc. Sai Extrumech Pvt. Ltd. has started the production of lab extruders and the study of the technological processes involved with extrusion towards cable/wire, medical tube, blown film,......
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Improving quality of cables through good extrusion practices

Speaking about how to maintain efficiency in extrusion, Mr. Vivek Mehta, Managing Director, Sai Extrumech Pvt. Ltd., says, “Extruder output depends on its diameter, length, and speed.” The extruder is the heart of the extrusion line; hence, the health of the extrusion machine depends upon how the extruder and crosshead......
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Welding in front of the extruder

Joining the ends of strands and stranded conductors in front of the extruder is an important issue in cable production. The target is to select a quick, reliable and economic method to ensure continuous production. Basically, there are two different methods to weld stranded conductors in front of the extruder.......
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