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India Targets 100 GW Nuclear Power by 2047

Out of 100 GW, 3 GW will come from breeder reactors of nuclear power, while light water reactors built with international cooperation will contribute 17.6 GW and another 40-45 GW will come from pressurised heavy water reactors. April 10, 2024 India is looking forward to achieving 100 GW nuclear power......

India Aims at Over 50,000 MW of Nuclear Power by 2030

25 August, 2011 India plans to import light water reactors from Russia, the US and France to boost its nuclear energy generating capacity to 50,000-60,000 MW by 2030, former Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) chairman M.R. Srinivasan has said. Delivering the first Homi Sethna Memorial Lecture on ‘Future of Nuclear Power......
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