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LEONI Cable Solutions (India): Government Initiatives to Boost Projects in Industrial and Infrastructure Sectors Well Received by Industry

2021: The year that was The year 2021 was quite a challenging one and is ending with a positive note for LEONI Cable Solutions (India). The beginning of the year was fabulous and the expectation was to remain in the same direction, though there were uncertainties hovering around with the......
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“Office employees & supporting functions are able to work remotely through online meetings”

Operations and Workforce Management Before Corona We used to work in 3 shifts for 8 hours each before the pandemic and there was flexibility in shuffling the manpower. There were no travelling restrictions and need for social distancing. There was limited uncertainty towards employee absenteeism. Preventive maintenance and machines which......
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LEONI Cable Solutions: The Quality Connection

The company has planned several new projects in technological spheres like Industry 4.0, electro-mobility and renewable energy. In an exclusive interview given to Wire & Cable India, Mr. Sandesh Bhagwat, Managing Director, LEONI Cable Solutions (India) Private Limited, talks about the company, product range and future goals. Excerpts. Wire &......