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Vedanta Ltd.: Catering to Raw Material Needs of Power Sector With Superior Quality Wire Rods

“Aluminium is indispensable for the wire and cable industry owing to its high structural strength, light-weight, high conductivity, high ductility, non-corrosiveness, and non-magnetic properties.” Vedanta Ltd. is India’s largest producer of aluminium. One of the largest producers of power in the country — Vedanta Ltd. is also one of the......
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Sterlite Technologies: Galloping on Transmission Highway

The transmission infrastructure, in power and data, is poised for complete to substantial overhaul, build, and rebuild in the country spawning enormous opening for private entities. Let’s see how companies like Sterlite readies for the challenge. The latest edition of Sterlite’s Connfluence (a portmanteau formed of ‘Connect’ and ‘Influence’) held......