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Orient Cables: Steadily Upgrading and Innovating to Maintain an Edge

Orient Cables, started in 2002, is a major manufacturer of a wide range of cables like – datacom cables, CCTV cables, coaxial cables, optical fibre cables, control cables, power cables, and instrumentation cables. Moving ahead, the Company would maintain its focus on utilizing its network expansion in India and overseas.......

Orbit Wires Looks at New Geographies for Business Expansion

One of the core purposes of Orbit Wires is to build long-term relationships with people and organisations across the globe. Orbit Group Of Companies is a renowned wiring and cabling solution partner, established in 1996. The Company has dominated the trade and engineering of wires and cables for over two......

Empire Cable: Meeting the Vast Demands of the Customers Globally

The company reflects its mission of delivering good quality wires & cables, which justifies the ‘We Care for You’ motto for its customers. Excerpts of the interaction with Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal, Chairman, Empire Cable Industries Pvt. Ltd.: Cables play an indispensable role in the electrical and electronic industries. They empower......

Ajex & Turner develops Wire Dies, Rollers and Concentric Extrusion Tips

The company adopts thermal treatment procedures to make all kinds of extrusion toolings applicable to all types of machineries. To resolve the issue of smaller diameter conductor, Ajex & Turner’s trapezoidal-shape dies can be enlarged to provide a greater cross-sectional area March 21, 2022 Ajex & Turner Wire Technologies designs......

AEI Cables Presents Features of Approved Category 3 Control Fire Performance Cables

Firetec Enhanced cabling has been approved by LPCB to BS8519 (Annex B), Category 3 Control in addition to Category 2 Control. All AEI Cables’ products are certified by independent bodies such as BASEC and LPCB. January 31, 2022 AEI Cables has initiated an industry-wide campaign to raise awareness of the......

Cords Cable Industries Gets Enlisted as Approved Vendor for Engineers India

Cords Cable manufactures low voltage cables as per Indian and International specifications such IS, BS, IEC, EN etc. October 10, 2018 Cords Cable Industries has received revalidation of its enlistment as an approved vendor for Engineers India. As reported in leading financial daily, the new validity of this enlistment is......
Events Headlines

Asian Giants to Host Two Successive Wire & Cable Events

India and China is going to be grounds for two major wire and cable exhibitions separated by hardly 10 days. Wire and cable companies across globe are in flurry to catch up with both the events where they can showcase their products and recent developments to a large visitors’ footfall.......
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Supermac Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd.: Swift & Continuous Technological Improvements, the Prime Objective

Moving fast with the global accuracy and precision requirements of machining, Supermac is now producing high output machines, manufacturing wires and cables up to 1 Km/Min and CCV extrusion lines up to 132 KVA. Built on the combined vision of Mr. Harbhajan Singh and Mr. Kamarjit Singh, Supermac is a......

Supermac Perfecting Technology

With an impressive 95,000 sqft cutting-edge manufacturing capability, Supermac designs tools to manufacture cable products of excellent quality standards, appreciated the world over. Supermac, established in 1974, is a leading exporter, supplier and manufacturer of insulation line, sheathing line, power cables sheathing line, wire insulation machine, cables sheathing machine for......

Medek & Schörner Marking of Cables and Coating of Optical Fibres

For decades now, Medek & Schoerner has been a world market leader in cable marking machines and optical fibre processing lines. As the only company operating in this market segment, Medek & Schoerner covers virtually the entire spectrum of machines for marking cables and coding optical fibres; in particular for......
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