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Rajnandini Metal to Establish a New Manufacturing Facility

“We have recently acquired 3 acres of land which will be developed into a fully-functioning wires and cables plant. The plan is to establish an extensive manufacturing facility which also includes the production of our B2C products like LEDs, and housing cables & wires”, says Mr. Ashok Kalra, Executive Director,......

Prysmian sets a milestone with a new German HVDC Power Transmission Line

Prysmian Group will develop about 550 km of underground cable for TenneT for an around 270 km portion of the HVDC line – SuedOstLink. The P-Laser cable system allows a transmittable power of 2GW on a single system. December 22, 2021 Prysmian Group has produced the first 20 km of......
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Industry showing its Mettle for Metal

Raw material prices continue to play hide and seek in the wire & cable industry and price volatility has impacted many important decisions in companies. The industry has become used to of operating in an environment of parabolic raw material prices. The prices of metals have been gradually fluctuating, which......