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Shielded Cables: Understanding its Crucial Significance and Applications

The employment of shielded cables becomes imperative in a setup where there is a high degree of usage of computer technology, electrical equipment, or electronic equipment. The 21st century is committed to the industrial 4.0 revolution and it includes the integration of industrialization and communication. The role of communication technologies......

Production of Cables in 2018-19 and 2019-20 in India

Electrical wires and cable industry is one of the earliest industries established in the country in the field of electrical products. A wide range of wires and cables are manufactured in the country which includes communication cables such as jelly-filled telephone cables, optic fibre cables, local area network cables, switchboard......

Nexans Wins Umbilical Contract From Mcdermott for BP’s Greater Tortue Ahmeyim Project

Under the terms of the contract, Nexans will provide management, procurement, engineering, manufacturing and testing activities for the umbilicals and ancillary hardware. August 28, 2019 McDermott Marine Construction Limited has awarded a contract to Nexans for the supply of approximately 100 km subsea umbilicals and accessories for the Greater Tortue......

Wire 2016: Review

wire 2016, 4-8 April, Dusseldorf, Germany as usual was a busy affair. With 1,337 exhibitors from 53 countries on a net exhibition area of 59,700 square meters, the exhibition put forth a stage to showcase important paraphernalia for and by the wire and cable industry. From wire manufacturing and finishing......
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Zumbach Electronics introduces New Generation of Spark Testers

September 1, 2014 The high voltage testing with DC spark testers of the DST 28A series and the AST H 15A high frequency spark testers extend the application spectrum of the spark tester product range from Zumbach. They meet all requirements to ensure you never lose sight of quality standards......
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Industry showing its Mettle for Metal

Raw material prices continue to play hide and seek in the wire & cable industry and price volatility has impacted many important decisions in companies. The industry has become used to of operating in an environment of parabolic raw material prices. The prices of metals have been gradually fluctuating, which......