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Inhol BV Successfully Merged With Melos GmbH

In January 2018, Inhol B.V. (based in Soest, the Netherlands) was taken over by Melos GmbH. Since then, Inhol B.V has functioned as a part of and on behalf of Melos GmbH. At the end of 2020, Inhol B.V. was merged into Melos GmbH. January 18, 2021 With the acquisition......

Wire 2016: Review

wire 2016, 4-8 April, Dusseldorf, Germany as usual was a busy affair. With 1,337 exhibitors from 53 countries on a net exhibition area of 59,700 square meters, the exhibition put forth a stage to showcase important paraphernalia for and by the wire and cable industry. From wire manufacturing and finishing......