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CTC Global: Leveraging ACCC® Conductor Technology to Build a Modern Grid

“In the last decade, our business was largely focused on state transmission utilities. Going forward, we expect to expand our focus to include distribution utilities, private grid operators and other commercial entities. Fundamentally, India remains a very important market for CTC Global.” – Mr. Hitesh Mundhada Wire & Cable India......

WCI Vol9 No-6 Sep-Oct 2020

Wire & Cable India’s SEP-OCT 2020 EMagazine is now live. Featuring Top Cable Companies in India, exclusive interviews of LS Cable India, CTC Global, Walson Woodburn Wire Die, Fine Products, Force Measuring Systems – Case Study, Industry Articles, Technical Article and latest stories from the wire and cable industry. ...

CTC Global Announces ACCC InfoCore™ System and First Commercial Deployment

The ACCC InfoCore™ System uses optical fibers embedded into the ACCC® Conductor’s Core along with an emitter, detector and control / recording device. March 30, 2020 In a major advancement of conductor technology, CTC Global has launched the ACCC InfoCore™ System. This system provides fast, accurate assurance that the ACCC®......

WCI Vol8 No-3 Mar-Apr 2019

Wire & Cable India’s MAR-APR 2019 EMagazine is now live. Featuring exclusive interviews with CTC Global, Supermac Industries, PE Fiberoptics, Product Development, Interwire 2019 preview, GRIDTECH Report, Technical Articles and latest stories from the wire and cable industry....