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Ducab Metals Business Contracted by CTC Global to Manufacture ACCC® Conductors in UAE

Ducab Metals Business, a subsidiary of Ducab Group, has signed an agreement with CTC Global to manufacture their high-capacity, energy-efficient ACCC® conductors in UAE. The conductors will help UAE to accelerate the integration of renewable energy into the existing national power grid. March 10, 2023 CTC Global has signed an......
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Ducab Metals Group: Going Above and Beyond

In early 2020, Ducab Group, one of the UAE’s largest manufacturing businesses, announced the consolidation of its metals operations to create a new subsidiary, Ducab Metals Business (DMB). This move created a dedicated business unit within the company, committed to supplying copper and aluminium solutions for the electrical supply chain.......
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Ducab is Aiming to be a World-Class Solution Provider with ‘Energy for Change’ Strategy

“Recently, we have been developing a culture of innovation as well as supporting exceptional R&D capabilities within Ducab. We see these capabilities driving operational excellence, outstanding customer service, and new product development.” Founded in 1979 as a joint venture with BICC cables, Ducab is now jointly owned by the Investment......
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DMB: Making it in the Metals Business

The debate over the pros and cons of aluminium v/s copper conductors has been discussed for many years. These metals are the two most commonly used materials for conductors in electrical equipment. Each has positive and negative characteristics that affect their use in various applications. In an exclusive interview given......
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