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On the Right Track: Railway Electrification in Full Swing

A lot of emphasis is being given to railway electrification in recent years which is expected to create new opportunities for the wire and cable sector. Indian Railways has massive plans to achieve ‘complete electrification’ of a 69,182-route kilometre network by December 2023. Despite the pandemic, the transport lifeline of......

Paramount Cables Sees Rs 3,000 Crore Opportunity in Undersea Cable Business

With the arrival of 5G technology in India soon, the company expects to see a surging growth in the demand for undersea cables. September 15, 2019 Domestic optical fiber firm Paramount Cables expects undersea cable business to generate up to Rs 3,000 crore revenue opportunity in Indian market in next......
Headlines Special Feature

Solar Cable: Surging Indian Solar Energy Market Gives Huge Boost to Solar Cables Demand

By all account, the solar power generation in India has seen an unforeseen rise in the previous few years, creating enormous demand for generation and transmission related technologies, equipment, and product, not to mention special kind of wires and cables suitable to solar energy. India is on a roll in......
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