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Success Story: Sikora’s Purity Scanner Advanced

Well-known Chinese cable manufacturer uses Sikora’s Purity Scanner Advanced to ensure the highest purity of XLPE pellets. June 10, 2021 A large and very successful Chinese manufacturer and global supplier of XLPE HV and EHV power cables, has been using the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED from SIKORA for quality assurance of......
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SIKORA: Strategically Poised to Maintain Quality Control, Process Optimization and Cost Savings

The Bremen-headquartered company offers innovative technologies for quality control in cable extrusion, optical fiber drawing and for plastic pellet inspection. SIKORA AG is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting technologies for the wire and cable, hose and tube, sheets, metals, optical fiber and......
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Inspection and Sorting of Plastic Pellets as Guarantee for Visually and Functionally Perfect Products

The SIKORA’s Purity Scanner Advanced is a unique system for 100 percent online inspection and automatic sorting of plastic pellets. March 23, 2020 Introduction Black specks and color deviations often lead to increased scrap rates in the production of plastic injection molded parts, but also in the manufacture of profiles,......