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Success Story: Sikora’s Purity Scanner Advanced

Well-known Chinese cable manufacturer uses Sikora’s Purity Scanner Advanced to ensure the highest purity of XLPE pellets. June 10, 2021 A large and very successful Chinese manufacturer and global supplier of XLPE HV and EHV power cables, has been using the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED from SIKORA for quality assurance of......
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SIKORA’s PURITY SCANNER for 100 Percent Online Inspection and Automatic Sorting of XLPE Pellets

X-ray technology combined with high resolution optics for the detection of contamination April 4, 2015 The purity of XLPE pellets, as they are used for the insulation of medium, high, and extra-high voltages cables as well as for on- and offshore cables, is a decisive characteristic for the quality of......