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Tata Power Takes Over Power Distribution in Western-Southern Odisha

With this takeover, the company’s distribution circles will expand to the western (TPWODL) and southern part (TPSODL) of Odisha with geographical spread of more than 47,000 sq km each. It will manage a network of more than 100,000 CKT kms each for a license period of 25 years. January 7,......

SICME ITALIA IMPIANTI: Revolutionising the Enameled Wire Manufacturing Process

Price of electricity is increasing day by day, which forces many companies to look for substitutes for electricity in the production process. Sicme Italia Impianti, Italian world leader in enameled wire machine manufacture, recently introduced its latest high-technology wire enameling machine ‘Super EG’. This machine can change the way enameled......
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