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Fiber Telelink: Aiming to Expand Capacities to Meet Export & Domestic Demands

Fiber Telelink is a fiber optic company providing innovative solutions to its clients. Its product range includes aramid-reinforced plastic (ARP) rods and fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) rods. In an interview with Wire & Cable India magazine, Mr. Ravi Kumar Bansal, Director, Fiber Telelink Pvt. Ltd. talks about the company’s recent developments,......
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Extrusion Coating Bonding Resin on FRP Rods in Optical Fibre Cables

Mr. Vishal Mehta, Founder & Managing Director, Aquent Advance Material Technologies Pvt. Ltd., shares insights on the bonding and coating resin solutions by Aquent and coupling agents for Optical Fibre Cables (OFCs). Aquent has established coating resins that give higher bonding performance for both thermal and UV coating FRP rods......

HFCL Wins Order of INR 97 crore for Optical Fibre Cables

In December 2021, HFCL Ltd. attained funds of INR 600 crore via a Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP) issue. September 5, 2022 HFCL Ltd. and its subsidiary HTL Ltd., have bagged orders of about INR 97 crore from a leading Indian telecom operator. As published in a news daily – the......

Telecom Department Puts Forth Rules to Maintain Overhead Optical Fibre Cables

The recent amendment presents a recommendation of a one-time compensation of INR 1,000 per kilometre for the laying of overhead OFC lines. October 29, 2021 The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has amended the Indian Telegraph Right of Way (RoW) Rules (November 2016), by clearly outlining a framework regarding the laying......
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