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Wires and cables are channels of power and data which empowers today’s civilized societies and thus it is imperative for any country to become self-reliant in the production of ample and quality wires and cables. Indian wire and cable companies are increasingly aligning themselves to the global quality and technology......

Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd.: Great Expectations from Retail

In our vision statement, we have put ourselves a target of becoming a USD 1 billion company by 2020, and we are well on right path towards that, says Mr. Manish Bhatt. Shilpi Cable Technologies Limited, a separate wing of three decades old Shilpi Group, was founded in the year......

Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd.: Quicker Strides of Growth

With an annual turnover of INR 3200 crore, the growth pattern of Shilpi Cable seems right on track with its diversified and quality-oriented product portfolio. Shilpi Cable Technologies Limited, founded in the year 2006, has achieved a conspicuous standing among its peers in the wire and cable industry in a......