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Runaya Sets up FRP Rod Manufacturing Plant at Silvassa

The company is targeting a revenue of INR 100 crore for its FRP manufacturing plant at the current full capacity and plans to double the capacity in the next year. October 10, 2021 Runaya has set up a plant for manufacturing fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) rods at Silvassa, aimed at leveraging......

Vedanta to Start 250,000-Tonne Copper Rod Mill in Silvassa

Nearly five months after its unit in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, was shut over alleged environmental violations, Vedanta Ltd. will start a copper rod mill in Silvassa by the year end. October 24 2018 The demand for copper in India—which is 650,000 tonnes per annum—would double in the next few years.......
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Wires and cables are channels of power and data which empowers today’s civilized societies and thus it is imperative for any country to become self-reliant in the production of ample and quality wires and cables. Indian wire and cable companies are increasingly aligning themselves to the global quality and technology......
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RR Kabel: Fresh New Identity

We are launching a couple of new products. In cables, we have been primarily a house wire company, i.e. a low voltage cable company to say. Now, we are moving to medium voltage cables and other specialized cables, says Mr. Shreegopal Kabra. RR Kabel, established in 1999, is a leading......

KLJ Polymers: Chemistry That Matters

The Group, with its comprehensive products portfolio in plasticizers and polymers, has a vast network of suppliers, distributors, and customers in the wire and cable industry, and beyond… KLJ, incorporated in 1967, is the market leader in plasticizers and polymer compounds in South Asia. With its ultra modern manufacturing facilities......

TOP Cable Companies in india

In today’s world power is as essential as oxygen for life. And to transmit the power, cables play a strategic role in transmitting & distributing the power all across the areas. Here cable companies have to be efficient, reliable and at the same time responsible for the smooth operation. In......

Chandra Group: The Indian Multinational

With the legacy of more than four decades, the Chandra Group started with the small manufacturing facility at Allahabad expanding itself to Silvassa, USA and marketing/distributing offices in UAE, Europe; introducing new product range and it seems very new and fresh as if it just happened like yesterday. With the......

KEI unveils ‘Fire Survival Cables’

May11, 2012 KEI Industries Ltd unveiled their special range of Fire Survival Cables. The cables are designed such that they continue to operate for a defined minimum period of time in case of fire. The technology that goes into the manufacturing of the cables ensures that they have high accuracy......