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Apar Industries: Providing Customised Product Solutions at Competitive Prices

”We have been serving our customers with high quality products and customised product solutions at competitive prices and a high degree of delivery performance,” said Vijay Kumar Bajaj, Chief Operating Officer, Apar Industries Limited (Unit – Uniflex Cables), in an interview given to Wire & Cable India. Excerpts. Wire &......
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Wires and cables are channels of power and data which empowers today’s civilized societies and thus it is imperative for any country to become self-reliant in the production of ample and quality wires and cables. Indian wire and cable companies are increasingly aligning themselves to the global quality and technology......

TOP Cable Companies in india

In today’s world power is as essential as oxygen for life. And to transmit the power, cables play a strategic role in transmitting & distributing the power all across the areas. Here cable companies have to be efficient, reliable and at the same time responsible for the smooth operation. In......