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Universal Cables Ltd (UCL): What It takes to Design a Market- Leading EHV Cable in India

Tipped with a technology transferred from a global leader, Universal Cables has long back championed the design and development of EHV cables in India, now making up to 400kV. The company is no doubt leading the Indian cable market in EHV segment, which contributes a significant 40 percent of company’s......

Selection of EHV Power Cables

Amitava Bose* Abstract In the past, transmission of power was predominantly through overhead lines. It was only in the last leg that underground power cables were used for distribution of power to the load distribution centre’s and consumers in the urban area. High voltage XLPE cable technology has rapidly advanced,......

TOP Cable Companies in india

In today’s world power is as essential as oxygen for life. And to transmit the power, cables play a strategic role in transmitting & distributing the power all across the areas. Here cable companies have to be efficient, reliable and at the same time responsible for the smooth operation. In......