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Avoiding the Degradation of Polymers and the Discolouration of Cables Exposed to Outdoor Conditions, Key Steps by Delta Tecnic

There are three strategies for mitigating polymers’ photodegradation, including the use of additives, using HALS, and deploying carbon black. The effects can be summarised into two concepts: lightfastness, which covers exposure to light, and weathering which, apart from light, covers factors such as temperature and humidity. How can we prevent......

Sterlite Technologies Launches its 5G-from-India solutions

The company expects that the end-to-end nature of solutions will fundamentally alter the game for super-fast and high-quality 5G deployments. December 21, 2021 Digital networks integrator Sterlite Technologies Ltd (STL) has introduced its 5G-from-India offering at the India Mobile Congress (IMC) event. The company informed in a statement that its......

India to be a Part of Cisco’s USD 5 Billion Funding for 5G Projects

The launch of 5G services is expected to shift focus to enterprises, which could become potential sources of revenue for telcos. March 30, 2021 US-based Cisco Systems, Inc., which has set aside USD 5 billion to fund projects for 5G services globally, will invest part of it in India to......

AKSH OPTIFIBRE LIMITED: Bringing about a Revolution in Telecom Infrastructure

The Journey So Far AkshOptifibre Limited (AKSH), founded in 1986 with a modest beginning as a copper cable manufacturing company, with continuous innovations and backward integration, has grown steadily to become a technology leader and a global player in the Optical Fibre (OF), Optical Fibre Cables (OFC) and FRP rods......
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