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DUPLAST® Develops Lead-Free Calcium Zinc Stabilizers for PVC Applications

Along with CAZN stabilizers, DUPLAST® has also developed PVC plasticizers, Speciality Carbon Black & PVC additives. The Company has a dedicated technology development centre for product development and process optimisation. Calcium Zinc based stabilizers are a green replacement for lead-based stabilizers for all PVC applications. The combination of metal salts......
Industry Trends

Avoiding the Degradation of Polymers and the Discolouration of Cables Exposed to Outdoor Conditions, Key Steps by Delta Tecnic

There are three strategies for mitigating polymers’ photodegradation, including the use of additives, using HALS, and deploying carbon black. The effects can be summarised into two concepts: lightfastness, which covers exposure to light, and weathering which, apart from light, covers factors such as temperature and humidity. How can we prevent......
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Cable Compounds – Pivotal for Efficient Performance of Wires and Cables

Cable compounds, made from mineral and synthetic raw materials, act as the required filler and protection material for various types of wires and cables. The composition and the application are tailored as per the needs and the environment of the cable system. Broadly, there are special compounds for the filler......
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Taprath Elastomers: Offering a wide range of ready-to-use compounds for wire & cable

“Taprath plans to grow multiple folds in the next decade as far as capacities and market reach is concerned for TapBeam and TapStar.” Taprath is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of products based on synthetic elastomers. The company specialises in NBR & SBR powders, rubber compounds, and thermoplastic......
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Lifeline Technologies: Designing products to enhance life of wires and cables

‘’Our new facility has capabilities to simulate the manufacturing conditions of our customers and innovate so that we can develop and test our world-class products.’’ Lifeline Technologies provides superior quality additives, masterbatches, compounds, and water blocking tapes to the wire and cable industry. Established in 1993, Lifeline Technologies has a......

Delta Tecnic Appoints Lori Parent as Sales Director in the US and Canada

Among her duties, Parent will be responsible for the development of technology-based masterbatch and additives for wire and cable, and related industries in the US and Canada under the Delta Tecnic brand. March 1, 2021 Delta Tecnic has appointed Lori Parent as the Sales Director in the United States market.......
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