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Lifeline Technologies: Specialized Additives and Masterbatches for Wire and Cable Products

Lifeline Technologies is a reputed manufacturing company with 3 decades of experience in Specialty Additives and Masterbatches. The company has a huge presence in the domestic market, covering all major and multinational wire and cable companies. It exports to over 32 countries globally and has one office in Italy to......

WCI Vol8 No-1 Nov-Dec 2018

Wire & Cable India’s NOV-DEC 2018 EMagazine is now live. Featuring exclusive interviews HD Wires, Miki Steel Works, Mexichem Specialty Compounds, Sikora, Lifeline Technologies, Technovinyl Polymers, wire India 2018 Post Show Report and latest stories from the wire and cable industry....
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Asian Giants to Host Two Successive Wire & Cable Events

India and China is going to be grounds for two major wire and cable exhibitions separated by hardly 10 days. Wire and cable companies across globe are in flurry to catch up with both the events where they can showcase their products and recent developments to a large visitors’ footfall.......

Lifeline Technologies: The Chemical Expert

As far as our product focus for the wire and cable industry is concerned, we are very bullish and have developed some very innovative products, especially the rodent repellents and termite repellents. Lifeline Technologies, established in 1993, manufactures innovative, specialty products for niche applications such as water purification chemicals, agro-chemicals,......

Cable & Wire Fair 2015: Omens of Profuse Growth

A dazzling display of products and machineries from the wire and cable industry represented by over 12 countries was unveiled amid large gathering of visitors. Businesses, ideas, and leaders came together to discuss the future of the sector at the conference happening in parallel with the expo. Cable & Wire......