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Birla Cable: Developing Products Based on Customer Requirements

Birla Cable Limited is a premier company in the field of telecommunication cables, which offers one of widest portfolio of copper and fibre optic cables under its umbrella. For the Special Feature by Wire & Cable India magazine, Mr. R. Sridharan, Chief Executive Officer, Birla Cable Ltd., takes us through......
Special Feature

Panasonic Life Solutions: Focusing on Distribution Network Expansion

Established in 1963, Panasonic Life Solutions India Private Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation. With a constantly expanding product range and growing market share, it is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical construction materials (ECM) with presence across India. The Company is aiming to strengthen its domestic......

Polycab: Electrifying India’s Infrastructural Growth Through Sustainable Wires and Cables for Brighter Future

Recently, Polycab has contributed to the making of the recently inaugurated MOPA International Airport in Goa and the construction of the Samruddhi Highway. December 20, 2022 Electrifying India’s growth for the past few decades and in line with its vision of innovating for a better tomorrow, Polycab India Ltd (PIL)......
Events Headlines

Asian Giants to Host Two Successive Wire & Cable Events

India and China is going to be grounds for two major wire and cable exhibitions separated by hardly 10 days. Wire and cable companies across globe are in flurry to catch up with both the events where they can showcase their products and recent developments to a large visitors’ footfall.......

Rosendahl Nextrom Technology, Precise and Reliable

With core values like quality, customization, product know-how and close cooperation with partners, Rosendahl has largely been able to churn out unrivalled technological solutions for wire and cable industry. Rosendahl Nextrom is a world leader in providing turn-key solutions for the global fi ber-, wire- and cable market which operates......

Medek & Schörner Marking of Cables and Coating of Optical Fibres

For decades now, Medek & Schoerner has been a world market leader in cable marking machines and optical fibre processing lines. As the only company operating in this market segment, Medek & Schoerner covers virtually the entire spectrum of machines for marking cables and coding optical fibres; in particular for......

Wire Dusseldorf 2016

Ahead of competition in Rigid Stranding Machines Main advantages of AEI Rigid Stranding Machines for end-user are high speed, latest technology, robust construction, minimal maintenance, and operator safety. February 29, 2016 With 45 years of continuous presence in manufacturing and design of Rigid Stranding Machines, AEI Machines (Associated Engineers &......

Finolex Cables to Enter into Fan business

The Plan is to manufacture 200,000 fans a month August 11, 2015 Finolex Cables plans to enter into the Fan business by setting up a new facility during the year with a capacity to manufacture about 200,000 fans per month. The board of directors at their meeting held on August......

KUNDAN CAB: It’s All About Building Trust

Established in 1968, KUNDAN CAB began its journey by manufacturing and marketing electrical cables for residential consumption. Over the years, it has witnessed exponential growth, driven by technical expertise, a diversified portfolio of high-quality and innovative products and its ability to respond to market fluctuations on time. KUNDAN CAB manufactures......

New DCM Cable Test System Fully Automates and Speeds the Testing of High-Performance, Twisted-Pair LAN Cables

July 13, 2012 DCM, now a part of Beta LaserMike and a leading worldwide provider of cable test and measurement solutions, announced the new 3S-XLD automatic cable test system to efficiently measure high-performance, twisted-pair LAN cables. The DCM 3S-XLD is equipped with a 28-pair text fixture platform to simultaneously test......
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